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About Me

I'm an aviation writer and pilot with a lifelong interest in aviation history. I served for four years as Managing Editor of the World War I aviation journal 'Over the Front' and am honored to be a nine-time winner of the League of World War I Aviation Historians' Hooper Award for writing and editorial excellence. 

My articles have appeared in 'Aviation History,' 'Air Power History,' 'Aviation 100,' 'Over the Front' and Walter Boyne's comprehensive 'Air Warfare: An International Encyclopedia.' In addition, I've written articles and textbook chapters for both NASA and FAA publications. In 2005, I published my first book, 'Aviation's Most Wanted.' It was later translated into French and distributed internationally under the title 'Top Fun.' My second book, 'Flights of No Return,' came out in 2015 and received very favorable reviews. I then traveled to France to take photos for my third book, 'The Lafayette Escadrille: A Photo History of the First American Fighter Squadron.' It was released in 2016 and once again, was very well received. My books are available for purchase on and many other online sources.

I've been a licensed pilot since 1972. Having owned and flown both vintage and experimental aircraft, I'm a longtime member of the Experimental Aircraft Association. After proudly serving in the U.S. Military for 24 years, I retired in 2003 as a colonel in the U.S. Air Force. I've lived all over the world but currently make my home in Dallas, Texas.

Thanks for visiting my website. Feel free to have a look around, and if you have any comments, go to my contact page and write me a note. Happy landings!